THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT , I have known Prophet Daniel Badu Werekoh, the Founder and President of the Armed Conquerors Prayer Line, a ( vibrant nondenominational ministry ) and Crowned Hosts Congregation , a ( life fulfilling denominational church ) for the past four years.

When I first invited him to minister at Elevation Chapel Worldwide headquarters , i found him to be a personality of a teaching priest with proven prophetic and teaching ministry in all accuracies, miracle working seer , with all the 5 fold ministry by God’s grace and also a time conscious and discipline character as a result of the various apprenticeship and practical orientation with various men of God.

Prophet D . B Werekoh is a fervent prayer prophet with focus on ministry. He’s approachable,humble , wise and committed to Christ and his calling in a unique way of organisation , in all aspects and respect. I have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend this genuine Seer of our days ( Prophet D . B Werekoh ) to any man of God, Ministry or Sponsors for future contract or engagement that will bring mutual benefits to the Kingdom of God and him as a person through Jesus Christ our Saviour.
Thank you.

Apostle Pernell Robert Osei-Boakye
General Overseer and Senior Pastor
Elevation Chapel Worldwide
Accra – Ghana.

I have personally and truthfully known Prophet Daniel Badu Werekoh President of Crowned Hosts Congregation and Armed Conquerors Prayer Line for more than 15 years. I have witnessed God bless lives, transformed destinies and accomplished the miraculous through his Prophetic Ministrations. I admire his passion, focus and dedication for the work of God. He is a man of discipline and integrity which I believe will take him far in both ministry and his personal walk with the Lord. I can confidently recommend him to all who desire to experience God’s power and goodness in their lives and ministry.

Pastor Michael Yemoh
CEO , Marriage Gem

My encounter with Prophet Daniel Badu Werekoh the founder of Armed Conquerors Prayer Line and Crowned Hosts Congregation was a miraculous moment for me. I never regretted or doubted his competence in his work for God as far as ministry is concerned. However, i started building a relationship with him from the very beginning,just like a father and son relationship in the year 2013.

My encounter with the Prophet was initiated through a friend and i have been grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to have a close relationship with the man of God. Moreover, he offered me a close walk with God and my life has never been the same. He helped me to grow spiritually in all my endeavors and has caused a tremendous change in my life. I have seen him resolve and rectify many valley of problems in the lives of many through the awesome power of God upon his life.He has also helped me with my academic deficiencies and now by the Grace of God I’m making a headway in my academic life.

Finally, i thank God for bringing Prophet Daniel Badu Werekoh into my life and i look forward to build a long term relationship with him because he has been a blessing to me and my entire family.

Michael Addae

I credibly recommend PROPHET DANIEL BADU WEREKOH Of “CROWNED HOSTS CONGREGATION and ARMED CONQUERORS PRAYER LINE as a humble true Seer of God. Five 5 years ago when I met the Prophet , I was sorrowfully broken, lost, lonely and at the lowest point in my life after I lost almost everything I started thinking about how happier i was when i was younger and had Christ Jesus in my life.

“I visited Prophet Daniel Badu’s Church, namely “CROWNED HOSTS CONGREGATION” in 2013 and he prophesied supernaturally to me, and also reminded me of the fact that no matter what I had done, God Almighty would forgive me , take me back and heal me of my brokenness. Upon hearing such powerful counseling, encouragement and prophetic teachings from the Holy Bible by the SEER PROPHET DANIEL BADU WEREKOH i had and received a “MAJOR TURNING POINT” in my life, my eyes could see things differently, and I could understand certain things better after all through the shining armor of Jesus Christ . I’m Now A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER than I was as stated in Deuteronomy 1:11 .In my case , the scriptures are fulfilled through Christ.

Thanks to Prophet Daniel Badu Werekoh, my life has never been the same ever since. Now, I enjoy an inner peace and joy spiritually and physically respectively to the fullest.

Accra – Ghana.

A Prophet not for profit is what i refer to Prophet Daniel Badu Werekoh* the Founder and President of Armed Conquerors Prayer Line ( a vibrant Non – denominational Ministry ) and Crowned Hosts Congregation a (life fulfilling denominational church ) as a true Seer of God in these perilous times. I’ve personally known the Seer from his childhood days and have every reason to recommend him for a good course and agenda. He has good ethical values and character in church planting.
Also, he demonstrates practical Prophetic Ministration, relating and grounded on the word of God with Signs and Wonders.

Through the Prophetic gift and unction of God upon his life, he tremendously prophesied to me concerning my living, surroundings and usual inexplicable life activities i engage in at Gambia when he has never been there ( Gambia ) in reality. I was overwhelmed and astonished when he also Prophesied, unveiling secrets about my past, present and future life which were all true and giving solutions to them. These emphasize, confirm and prove his call from God Almighty.

Where wealth cannot be simply measured quantitatively ( through acquiring riches ) but also ought to be assessed qualitatively ( discerned through the quality of one’s acts ), he never charged any amount of money from me, which confirms and explains why i recommend him in high esteem as a “Prophet who is not in for Profit” to any individual or organization to help and support this genuine Seer and his Ministry to fulfill his calling and vision for the work of the Lord God Almighty. Mainly, reaching out in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, teach, Mentor, Heal, and save all lost souls across the globe for the second coming of Christ Jesus !!

Benjamin Sarpong
Building / Projects Manager – Techniques Construction
Banjul,- Gambia

I am particularly inspired by the Miraculous works of Prophet Daniel Badu Werekoh the Founder and President of Armed Conquerors Prayer Line ( a vibrant Non – denominational Ministry ) and Crowned Hosts Congregation a (life fulfilling denominational church ) as a true Seer of God in recent times. I’ve personally known the Seer over 10 years now through my daughter. Moreover,I’ve never seen him compete with other men of God,wanton display of affluence and focus on prosperity to the neglect of salvation. With every life needing regulation,his arms and heart are open towards everyone and doesn’t glorify the rich to the shame of the poor.

Also,i can bodly and confidently say he has never hidden under the shadow of religion to perpetuate fraud .
He doesn’t take money for emergency prayers and also doesn’t sell water,oil,handkerchief etc as other men of God do.(he doesn’t
Close people sales to make a sale.) His focus mainly on reaching out in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, teach, Mentor, Heal, and save all lost souls across the globe for the second coming of Christ Jesus. By the grace of God,he unveils hidden plans of the enemy concerning my family and I without him being closer to us which is emphatic and mind boggling and always given solutions and answers to combat them. Moreover,he interprets dreams,fasts with me when the need arises and intercedes for my family and I by the power of God on his.

Through the healing power and gift of God upon the life of the Seer,my family and i are healed of physical , spiritual and strange ailment caused by the enemy. Which enlightens me more that knowledge ,education,talent and skills cannot supersede the anointing and power of God , because my experience of over 15 years in the health sector cannot bring solutions to health issues the Seer has been able to handle and deal with by the unction upon his life. These and many more gives me a better reason to recommend his for higher exploits to individuals and organizations to support him and his Ministry soar higher.

Priscilla Naa Okailey Hansen
Senior Nurse / Matron
Royal Hospital
Accra – Ghana