“Daniel Badu Werekoh.” Is a seasoned ordained reverend presiding pastor and the general overseer of “CROWNED HOSTS CONGREGATION “; A formidable Church of God Which is Head-quartered in Accra – Ghana.

He is humbly recognized as the founder and father of the “JESUS REALITY CAMPAIGN” MOVEMENT or MISSION in Ghana, West Africa… But has also like wisely through all possible mediums and some social media impacted, preached, taught and reformed many people. more also, through the Lord’s prophetic, healing, teachings, evangelical, pastoral and apostolic anointing upon him.

REV. D. B. WEREKOH has been able to reach, repositioned people in establishing them in the power of Jesus to change their awkward believes and beliefs about God and his reality.

Known By some people in other parts of the world like “GHANA GAMBIA, NIGERIA, KENYA, SOUTH AFRICA; UK, USA, MEXICO, PHILIPPINES, HOLLAND, GERMANY, INDIA, CHINA and THAILAND.” Many people do testify truthfully about God’s power on him and how best their lives are rebirthed into a new dimension in Christ as a results of their connection with him. And unto some too, it it just by a phone call from away the anointing of the HOLY GHOST.

As a trained and matured SEER In his visionary world and prophetic timing; He is also endeavouring under the influence and inspirational power of the Holy Ghost, to collectively gather souls from all over the world, and from diverse walks of life as one harmonious family of CHRIST JESUS in renewal of our Faith in God; to highly deepen commitment and Holy Consecration to Jesus’s original objectives and goals, reconnecting and partnering so tactically for kingdom full acceleration in this end times as a MUST NEED by GOD…

THE Rev. SEER Is also the pioneer leader and founder of “ARMED CONQUERORS PRAYER LINE…” which is a very vibrant Non denominational prayer ministry which brings a full revivals to cities and churches and to sooner cross countries by corporate hot prophetic prayers and intercessory supplications unto God.

“Rev. D. B. Werekoh” is also a skillfully HOLY Ghost filled KEYBOARDIST or PIANIST, and has irresistibly founded an Angelic gospel music group known as …”SONG BIRDS”… in his leadership by God’s anointing. As a prophetic songwriter and Singer. Prophet BADU meakly extends His musical tentacles daily to praise and worship God in honour of His Supremacy and existence. He also has plans and visions to start establishing schools from cretch level to the university level.

And also, to establish a refining theological istitutions to ethically train all chosen men and women of God as they wholeheartedly desire. He also has plans to setup an N.G.O. in supporting orphanage homes with, clothes, finances, medical or drug rehabilitation departmental facilities etc… etc…

He has written very powerful and great inspirational biblical books which will soon be published and launched for a fulfilling Christians’ empowerment… THE “REV. SEER” also has vision and plans to establish a spiritually and physically transforming unique Christian tv and radio stations respectively and many MORE.

He is also known as a mentoring coach and spiritual FATHER for many pastors and lay ministers, training people to build UNITY in the body of Christ in all respect and aspects for the world’s end time glorious harvest. He is also welcomed and accepted by business leaders, as a spiritual business consultant for their businesses and financial breakthrough boomingly. In addition, children, youths and adults benefit in his fervent intercessory prayers in different segments as MAINLY the SEER FOR THE PROVING OF GOD’s REALITY to all mankind across nations for a drastic change.

Humbly fashioned by the “HOLY LORD of HOSTS” as the recipient of many local and international humour in a high esteem through the authentic and dynamic prophetic, healings and miracles Mantel of Yahweh upon him in the spirit of prophecy in all accuracy; PROPHET D. B. WEREKOH don’t go to places by chances, yet believes in every true Christian and genuine called men and women of God, that together we can win souls for JESUS Christ and also shape each other as it’s needful for the hand to request help from the head legs, eyes, ears, nose and from all the other members or parts of the body… put differently: THE SEER BELIEVES IN IRON SHARPENS IRON… biblically quoted…

Now therefore, Being so gracefully endowed freely with the SUPERNATURAL natural gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT By God Almighty in the area of the prophetic, singing, song writing, fervent hot prayers, healings, miracles, apostolic, deliverance, SIGNS and WONDERS;

THE REV. SEER, believes in the enviable unity in the chosen body of Christ, to however play all divinely given grace roll to up lift the banner of SALVATION through his destiny call mandatory mission called JESUS REALITY CAMPAIGN… thus… “PROVING JESUS IN POWER” To all nations across the globe unto God’s Kingdom advancement… in Jesus’s name…. Amen…